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Dec 31, 2011
@ 11:39 am
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Stoped taking my iron pills


1. I ran out &

2. because my doctor said that my iron level was now under control (but to still keep on taking them..)

well since I ran out and my dr said my iron was all good I didn’t feel the need to go to the pharmacy right away and pick them up..  So I’ve basically been without them for about 3 weeks (almost a month) and I’ve noticed that I’m starting to get more tired,getting dizzy and frequent head aces every now and than (which I never get) I think it’s probably because even though I’m no longer anemic I still had to take the pills because the baby is taking so much from me that I can easily become anemic again. Well I did go and get the pills yesterday and when I took one this morning I felt as if I wanted to puke.. I think it might be the fact that my body isn’t use to having that certain pill in it’s system cause it’s been missing for so long. Hopefully my body readjusts to it again! :)

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